Friday, March 20, 2015

"California Girl" needs help answering her flower question

Dear Dr. Jim

I have this pretty flower growing 'wild' beside my driveway.  I looked it up in my plant book and found it to be a 'Lupine'. 

My friend from Texas told me that this was all wrong, that is a Texas Bluebonnet. 

Dr. Jim, since you are from Texas I thought I would let you decide for us what my flower really is.

Thank you for helping,
California Girl

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Dear California Girl

It's soooo pretty, C Girl.  For sure it is a keeper.  I would have called it one of OUR Texas Bluebonnets also.

But it can't be because you live in California So I asked "Yahoo answers" if there was a difference (link). They satisfied me with this answer:
"Best Answer: The Texas Bluebonnet is Lupinus texensis, so it is a type of Lupine. The species is native to Texas. (There are actually several species of bluebonnet, but L. texensis is generally "the" Texas Bluebonnet). "

Which means yours probably is NOT a Texas Bluebonnet but rather it is another species of Lupines.

Hope this helps, Dr. Jim

Oh yes, I am not 'from' Texas, I am 'from' Nebraska.  But I got here, to Texas, as fast as I could.  And now I have lived here for years and years, more years probably than you have lived. 

And BTW, collect some seeds from it as you will need to reseed this plant every year. ~~ Thanks as always for asking, Dr. Jim

So, keep on keep'n on, and till then, "Please ask your question or leave your comment now!" (Just ask me and you will remain anonymous)

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