Thursday, January 17, 2008

Boy Friend has problem with Girl Friend -- Chick's Ears, Elf's Ears, or Flat Ears? Help is needed!

Antarctica Wave stuff is toward the bottom here.

Dear Dr. Jim

My friend, let us call her Girl Friend, is loosing sleep. She says she is getting what she calls a "chick's ear." I have two problems with this.

First, she doesn't know how these words can be used and I certainly can't tell her how derogatory these words are towards her self image. These things are not spoken of around here. I think her friends are laughing at her behind her back.

The second is that her ears are very pretty, but she doesn't see them that way. She thinks they are too close to her head, like elf ears.

It may be her pillow is too hard, do you think that may be part of her problem?

At any rate please help me in know what to say to her about this and how perhaps I can help her.

Frustrated Boy Friend in Camden

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Dear Boy Friend

Wow! You guys both have quite a problem here! Have you ruled out that she may have a warped sense of body adoration? Please be honest with yourself and assess how you stand here. Then get to the root of any real problem as I relate a couple of possibilities below.

First let us address your first question about Chick's Ears. There are many definitions of this term. I relied on Google to help us all here (link to search chick's ear and elf's ear). I wouldn't use either one, Chick's Ear had many uses and doesn't explain much at all.

Elf's Ears on the other hand are flat, yes, but more on they seem to be romantic in nature. If I were to write a romance novel at this time, I certainly would have one of my main characters have these Elf's Ears. They are almost instant love, or love at first sight! I think Girl Friend would not like to be put in this spotlight either.

So, let's just say they are a little too flat. Now to look at the cause. First order could be hereditary, what do her parents and grandparents look like around the ears? In my unprofessional opinion, surgery only will correct this problem. Best to see her medical doctor.

The second leading cause is the improper use of the pillow. Approximately eighty-five percent of Americans use their pillow incorrectly. The ear should not lay ON THE PILLOW. Either sleep on the back or the stomach, doing this does much to help retain the structural integrity of the ear.

If Girl Friend insists on sleeping her side you might convince her to SLEEP DOWN ON THE PILLOW so her ear is off the pillow. I sleep this way myself.

If she can't seem to sleep this way, or moves up in her sleep, modification of the pillow is recommended. Cut an oval hole in the middle of the pillow, about five by three inches high and wide. She should lay her ear in the middle of this hole. A pillow case will keep others from noticing her strange looking pillow.

The principle of the hole in the pillow is that no head weight will be placed on the ear, allowing it to retain its natural shape.

Additionally she should no long be awakened by a sore ear, sore from being held down. People with tail bone surgery and other medical problems have been using a similar cushion (hole in the middle) for ages. The same principle applies to the flat or sore ear, whichever.

I hope this helps you. Do not hesitate to see Girl Friend's medical doctor either.

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To the readers:
1. My ears had the opposite problem, they stuck out too far when I was born. For several years my mother taped my ears down. I now have normal ears. They may even be 'handsome.'
2. I have been researching some questions concerning instant freezing in the Artic. An e-mail has been circulating with 'photos.' The pictures appear to be hoaxes to me but none of the hoax sites even mention them.

Perhaps I am ahead of my time, soon enough people might ask at these hoax finder sites.

In the meantime I am inviting reader input. Do so in privacy here.

Here is what I got:

"Subject: Fw: SURFS UP... Antarctica Wave"

"Make sure you see all the pictures. They are really incredible."

"This water froze the instant the wave broke through the ice. That's what it is like in Antarctica. Water freezes the instant it comes in contact with the air. The temperature of the water is already some degrees below freezing. Just look at how the wave froze in midair!"

Pictures (click on picture to enlarge):

So, keep on keep'n on, and till then,
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ray said...

Aren't those "waves" just glaciers?