Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Her kid hates going to the barber - "Barber Shop Blues"

Dear Dr. Jim

My son, now age five is totally freaked out everytime he gets in the chair for a haircut. He acts like the barber is going to kill him everytime he goes.

Poor poor boy! This has been gong on now for two years and he stills freaks out every time he gets haircut.

He just had his haircut for this year last night and same reaction, the barber got so nervous because my son screamed and squealed as if the barber is going to end this poor boy's life.

What am I to do?

Freaked out too, Mom in the Augusta burbs

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Dear Freaked out Mom in the burbs

First thing, little boys should have their hair cut more than once a year. Shame on you, that is something you have control of.

He is old enough after two years of terror to make some choices so why not let him participate?

Try offering to cut his hair. It isn't that hard, while you are learning on him he will be looking better and better as the both of you progress.

His other choice would to act like a BIG BOY and stop all this fussing but go to the barber.

Talk with him to see what it is he doesn't like. Some kids have been pinched or otherwise frightened by the barber.

If that or other ilk has happened, offer to take him to a new barber, but only if he won't fuss. If he fusses, it is Mom in the burbs doing the cutting for years and years!

Hope this helps,

Dr. Jim

One more word here. I am the father of five children, I could never have been able to put with behavior like your kid is exhibiting. If there are no problems, then he is just getting attention. If necessary, I would give my kids the Wood Shed Cure, you may need to try that. Google that term if it is a strange one for you.

So, keep on keep'n on, and till then,
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audrey` said...

Praise Him
no more pain =)))


all thanks to
His healing power
His grace
your prayers
and olive oil

i am feeling so well now
i still must slow down
and slim down

Thank you, Jim =)