Monday, March 3, 2008

So angry I could rip husband's ears off says lady in La La Land

Dear Dr. Jim

Sometimes I get so angry with my husband that I just want to rip his ears off?

Is this normal, or should I be worrying about something?

I hope you can help me here,

Donna in La La Land

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Well, Donna, you really hit a land mine here! Feelings like this when acted out can be disastrous. Do you know that is precisely what Jack the Ripper did with his victims before doing worse things to them (like killing them)?

Jack the Ripper would send the ears of his victims to the police after the commission of the crime. While the victim was bleeding profusely he would consummate his wrath, ultimately killing a poor innocent victim. Read this for a little more historical insight.

This is all the worse because your potential victim is the object of your wrath, your husband. And as they say, kill the first, the second is easier, and on and on.

What to do? Seek professional advice from your pastor. If you don't have one, look in the yellow pages under churches. Probably these will not help you as much as needed, but steer you to a competent professional who can.

Ordinarily I would suggest a divorce for you, but in your case I think you just might seek him out for ear ripping regardless of marital status.

So long, Donna, please don't become Donna the Ripper. I hope I have helped.

So, keep on keep'n on, and till then,
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the teach said...

Dear Dr. Jim, you did a real good job helping Donna understand her problem. But actually I would tell her to just get rid of that guy who makes her so angry...she'd be a lot happier. Of course a great big knife deep into his heart would also help her find peace and solace.

Anonymous said...

Ray says...
Maybe the problem lies with her rather than him. Perhaps she's
1.given to excessive anger.
2.dwelled on his negative qualities for so long that she has become unhappy and impatient with him and so erupts in anger at merely slight annoyances.
3.a selfish person who was spoiled and indulged by her parents so that she hasn't much patience when she doesn't get her way.
4.never learned kindness.

Divorce would certainly put her, along with any children she may have, at an economic disadvantage. If she has kids, they would be deprived of a father (or mother, should the court award them to him). Children whose parents divorce never recover from it.

Divorce is traumatic for even a single person. And whatever happened to "for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, 'til death do us part"?

And religous people who adhere to the Bilbe should note Malichi 2:16: "'I hate divorce' says the Lord God of Israel." Why would you do something God hates?