Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wife can't cook. Can she cook like Mom? No way. All hope to impress her mother-in-law faded. What to do? "How to" advice needed very quickly.

Dear Dr. Jim

Please, please, Dr. Jim, can you help me, quick!

I want so badly to cook like my mother-in-law but try as I can, it all tastes like cr*p. Even the dog won't eat most of the stuff I cook.

My husband visits his mother every day just to eat a decent meal. The worst part is that he has given up eating what I cook. He won't even try my food anymore. He makes his own breakfast, eats at noon with Mom, and stops at MacDonald's on the way home.

Hopeless Wanna Be Cook in Indiana

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Dear Ms. Hopeless

Cheer up, no one is hopeless. Even Elizabeth Bathory -- "The Blood Countess of Transylvania" back in 1560 had hope for a while! Of course she had to die for her heinous crimes, but no one hardly ever dies from bad cooking.

I truly believe you are a bad cook. We can fault your Mom here. No mother should ever turn a girl loose on a man unless she can cook good.

Remember that old saying, "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach?" You must be good looking or blonde. Then for a little while, cooking doesn't matter. But now I fear you are finding out.

Quick, buy a copy of Betty Crocker's COOKBOOK. That is the easiest good cookbook around. Then read it, a lot. Learn the types of food and basic preparations. YOU CAN LEARN!

Next, have a sit-down-talk with Hubby. Pick his brain and find out exactly what his Mom cooked that he liked. Get some good recipes, you might even call her to ask for her recipe for a certain dish she made.

Then try it. Refine what you cook, write down every change to the recipe so you can go back to point X, or keep the latest addition. When you like it, ask Hubby to try it. Keep your fingers crossed. Don't expect him to like it real well, instead ask him how you might improve this dish.

You could even let Mom-in-law give her opinion. Wait till you and Hubby think it is pretty good.

If this doesn't work, go eat with Hubby. Bring the dog home some doggy bags. Buy it prepared dog food often. You didn't say if you have kids, for their sake, I hope not.

And please don't invite me unless you do learn cooking really good.

I hope this helps,
always, Dr. Jim

So, keep on keep'n on, and till then,
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Putz said...

do you remember what harry belefonte used to say... her moma got to take her back , teach her all the things she lack, when she come back we can live together in harmony