Wednesday, March 12, 2008

His wife is a gorgeous girl in a lot of trouble, bad, is there help now?

Dear Dr. Jim

My wife, Gloria Bea, is a pretty girl, she's beautiful. And she knows it! I love her very much, body and all!

A few details for you. First, she is young, just in her early twenties. Second, she is tall and her legs are longer than her body. Third, she wears high heals and shorts a lot of the time.

That is for her looks. The real problem is that she acting like some of those derelict young movie stars. She goes to clubs a lot after work, and although she doesn't drink (due to an injury when she was young), her friends all do.

Guess who is the designated driver? Gloria, of course. So far she has gotten two open container citations because of her friends. Not only that, but three times they have been booked due to the silliness of her friends.

It is no fun bailing her out of jail in the middle of the night. That is not the worst. We just took the easy route out and now she has three misdemeanors on her record. I don't wish to discuss the third situation, Gloria Bea was bad. Just bad.

The judge, after we plead guilty for the third time, told us next time she would have to go to prison. That next conviction would come under our state's three time loser law which says she must go to prison for at least two years as a repeat offender. I need your help quickly, think from seeing your legal background you might be able to help us.

I wish I had married a plain girl!

Almost Desperate Daniel in Chicago

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Oh gosh, Daniel, you have gotten yourself in a world of mess. I can tell you a few things but cannot help you. A lawyer on retainer will be your best help. And a shrink or two should be in order also.

First, Daniel, beauty is only skin deep. I hate to say it, but most men are naturally attracted by long-legged women. I am like that, one of my favorite songs is Legs (She's Got Legs, She Know How To Use Them) by ZZ Top (link)

You are right too in wondering if they are using those movies stars for role models. One very notorious young lady for you to study is Britney Spears (link). But if you two know all that already, then this lookup won't help much either.

That Judge is right, and Illinois got tough in 1994. Almost as tough as California and Texas! For a quick rundown on the Three Strikes Law (habitual offender laws , click link here) check here. That judge could have sent her away the last time. It probably took a judge in a higher court to do that, she would have to be referred there.

Next time? There hadn't better be a next time!

So bite the bullet, have Gloria stay out of clubs and away from those friends, and see a good CRIMINAL LAWYER right away. Your state is not as lenient as Michigan. Remember the play and the movie, Chicago. There is no sympathy just because the convicted is a woman.

Ask your attorney first for legal advice, then ask about some professional counseling for understanding the world, married life, and marriage and behavior situations, for both of you.

And no, you don't wish you had married a plain girl. Just wish the one you did marry would get some sense! And help her.

As always, Ask Dr. Jim

So, keep on keep'n on, and till then,
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