Friday, June 13, 2008

Recipe for chocolate cake à la Snickers help needed by Ms. Reader in Farawayland

Dear Dr. Jim

Today is Friday 13th.

Tomorrow we will be 13 people gathered round our table for shrimps,lemon, bread, sour cream/shrimp salad, wine, veggie salad, snacks, frozen strawberries, ice cake and so on, but no cake so far for the cognac.

I could need a good and easy recipe for a chocolate cake à la Snickers, my favorite chocolate.

Got any ideas??

From Just'a Reader in Farawayland

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Dear Ms. Reader

Mrs. Jim left for golfing about 30 minutes ago. She may have had a recipe.

I did what Dr. Jim of Ask Dr. Jim (blog) would do, I Googled snickers cake recipe and got this link. Some of those recipes sounded pretty good, why don't you look at them an 'just pick one.'

Please beware, since today, Friday the 13th (June) is Kitchen Klutzes of America Day (link for U.S. celebration days). I wouldn't dare try making that cake today here in Texas, it may be OK to do it where you live.

I hope this helps. If I lived closer I might try to get an invite to your hoop-de-do!

Dr. Jim

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Putz said...

i wouldn't move out of my chair with 13 people on friday the have more courage than me

Jim said...

A lot of people are giving me a hard time for not helping Ms. Reader after Mrs. Jim returned.

Mrs. Reader e-mailed me to say everything was fine with the recipe links I gave her.

If anyone can't find a good cake from these links, cry for yourself, not her.
I may be able to help YOU.

Chuck said...

oh dear me. all i know is i want an invite. that all sounds divine.

i have *humungo huggies ~n lotsa lovies* at my site. not as good as what you got, but at least i got someth'n.

have a gr8 day!