Friday, June 20, 2008

Robert wants to know how to save gas

Dear Dr. Jim

I am tired of these high gasoline prices.

Could you please give me a blueprint for saving gas?

Frustrated, Robert in San Diego

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Sure Robert, that will be easy for me.

First I would caution you not to do it. It isn't safe for the general public to save gasoline. There have been too many fires started that way, gasoline fumes escape ever so easy and then seem to find their way to a ignitor (like a light switch sparking, someone lighting a cigarette, etc.).

Second, there are a lot of people giving advice right now on how to save on gasoline expenses.

My best advice for you would be to move out of San Diego where prices are among the highest in the U.S. Why don't you move to Texas where they make gasoline, it is much cheaper over there. Texas generally has gas for fifty to seventy-five cents less than your town.

If you don't want to move, try doing most of these items I found by doing a Google.

I hope this helps, perhaps I will see you around here in Texas!

Dr. Jim

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Putz said...

it is funny you should ask since right now i am looking for a way to save gas...bikes, be retired so you will have no place to really go, disown all your grandkids since they are too far away and expensive to visit...jog, don't eat the corn that should be saved for your gas tank...don't make a bucket list, beause that will cause additional expense, put your head under a pillow and don'st move

Chuck said...

Hey, Jim. Am in the middle, so thought I'd stop by. You in CO yet? I'm in CO Spgs. Let's do lunch, huh?

BTW: my brother is building a generator ~ something something ~ that will help with gas mileage. I'll drop ya a line when it's finished.

*lovies* and thx for stopping by. (oh, how horrifying i couldn't post on WW. major nightmare.)

safe travels.