Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wayward daughter, distraught father

Dear Dr. Jim

I am going through a change of life over this horrible situation.

Our daughter has dropped out of school and keeps atrocious hours. She seldom comes home before four in the morning anymore. When I ground her, she sneaks out the window.

Now besides her wild night life and working at the Chili King in the afternoons, she has pulled the last straw. She is engaged and will be married next week. Don't you thing a two week engagement is too short.

The young man she duped is very gullible and is a hard working fellow. I feel sorry for him.

Do you think marriage might cure her of her wayward ways?

Distraught Father in Georgia

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Dear D'd Father

You should be asking if I think that guy will keep her. You sure don't want her back!

That wasn't very nice of me to say, of course, all fathers want their daughters back if they aren't happy where they are. Mainly, fathers just want daughters to be happy.

I might add, this is the big problem here, daughter obviously isn't happy living a quiet family life at her house now. She has been looking for a change.

Sometimes change in a new beginning is all it takes to bring someone back to reality, and I might add, to their senses again.

I will wish all concerned the best. If this fellow and she hit it off this could be the marriage to end all! All of one bad life and the beginning of a new happy (married now) life again!

I hope this helps, just wait and see how it works out.

Dr. Jim

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Putz said...

it is so interesting that jim answers the same way i would, nice guy, hard working, i say let her go even with a two day engagement, also get her away from that chilli place, chilli and me desagree

Putz said...

i am the 1351 hundreth to hit jim's advice blog and wow what an honor, i have been giving unSLICTED ADVICE for 66 years, no one has ever asked for it, but i give it just the same, and jim is nicce enough to not erase my advice once i give it, i am sure it is because sometimes my AVICE IS BETTER THANHIS

Chuck said...

How sad. This issue seems to be the same and growing exponentially in this day and time. My man's 20-yr old is doing the same weird things, my friend's kids - the same, my twin's - the same. Unbelievable. .What's happening to this world? Best to you, friend.

Anonymous said...

Ray advises:

1. She'll leave and get married anyway,no matter what you say.

2. But be certain you DO say it. When she shipwrecks in this new marriage (which WILL happen), later she'll remember your good advice and respect your judgement more.

3. Let her know after she shipwrecks that no matter how big a mistake a person makes, he can still get back on the right path and turn his life around.

4. And that you love her.

5. That you'll ALWAYS love her.

6. Remember: The Bible says that the goodness of God brings men to repentance (Romans 2:4).

If God's goodness does that for people, think how much good your love can do for your daughter.

7. And sometimes love must be tough! Dr. James Dobson wrote a book about it, and his advice saved my marriage.