Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sue just wants to be hairy (armpits) -- Husband opposed

Dear Dr. Jim

It just isn't fair! Why do women have to shave their armpits.

Didn't God make us with hair there before he allowed man to create the razor?

Please help me, Dr. Jim.

My husband insists that I would be a smelly woman if I didn't shave and has even threatened to sleep in another room. He says I would be disgusting and not sexy at all!

Wanna be Hairy Sue in Ardmore

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Dear Hairy Sue (Did you know that rhymes with Mary Sue?)

This is a very delicate situation that we are in here. I would like to see your armpits shaved and unshaven, I think that would help us a lot here.

But since we won't be able to do that, let's try the next best thing.

Ask you husband if the TWO OF YOU could have a trial run at this.

Both of you will have to work at this. If just one of you gives in it could lead to the downfall of your marriage.

Marriage is a 50-50 proposition, or pretty close to it, at least it should be. If one spouse just arbitrarily gives in that could set a precedence for losing control of ones self. None of us wants that to happen, these issues often lead to divorce.

Now, lets look at the hair armpit thing. Just a lot of European women do not shave under their armpits. Both the ladies and their menfolk think it is sexy.

Granted the body odor takes on a strong scent, but it is more like an animal aroma, one who is in the hunt for sex. Or who has been having sex lately and is ready for some more. People become very accustomed to this and some say it even enhances their love lives.

These were a couple of links I found with Google. What I found mainly was not conclusive at all. Be careful if you go there because some are distasteful to say the least about them.

One article not referred suggested that when the razor was invented shaven women were promoted as being sexier in order to promote razor sales to a new market.

A couple of references which are OK and to our point:
YouTube on Hairy Armpits (has pretty girl, seems sexy)
Paris Hilton is purported to be bringing hairy armpits back (link)

Hope this helps, I think I would like my wife to try not shaving but she won't.

Dr. Jim

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Addendum: September 25, 2008.

After further consideration I am telling Ms. Hairy Sue to go for all or nothing. If the hubby doesn't like it then he should hit the road. Period. You see, a woman's body is hers alone (and with God, of course--Romans 12) to do with it what she pleases.

Why do I say this? Roe vs. Wade gives all women in this grand United States that right, the right of privacy! The opinion was geared to right for a woman to choose to have an abortion but will equally apply to growing hair under her armpits if she wishes.

You might ask, "why should she be so harsh with the old man?" The answer is that making him sleep elsewhere was his idea, he would win. He presented Ms. Hairy with an either/or ultimatum. That doesn't go, she should do what she wants.

I hope this helps even more, Dr. Jim

So, keep on keep'n on, and till then,
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Putz said...

actually i have run into this problem before...thought about this lonng before is too bad you don't belong to the monkey family....jim is right...why don't you try one armpit shaved and the other NATURALE, for a test, and then in the bible where they tried to decide which mother to give the baby too, who is the right ful owner and then to cut the baby in half as a test, you could cut the arm off of the side that is most offensive

Jim said...

Mr. Putz, you are soooooo smart. Did you know that King Solomon's first name was Barlow?
I would not advise Hairy Sue to take your advice though, it would be better for her to go for ALL OR NOTHING.
If her man won't tolerate hairy armpits, then show him the door. (Can't make him sleep upstairs because he already said he would do that, IF. He would win and he shouldn't win.)
I do thank you though for your suggestion. As an attorney I wanted to bring in Roe vs. Wade but wasn't sure I should on this blog.
Now I know and will do it pronto because this woman's body sure is her own to do what she wants to with!
Thanks again,

Grandma Faith said...

Thank you for dropping in on my blog. I agree with you about Venice. I don't need to go again either. I really got a kick out of your blog. You are so funny. You might even help people out, too. Take care.

Putz said...

on further study of this problem, i reccomend she keep both armpits, all of a sudden i felt so generous towward her

ray said...

Ray here.

The lady doesn't mention her age. But the older the woman, the less chance she has of remarrying.

Also, she might be better off financially with him.

Too, if she wishes to please God, who says, "A wife must not depart from her husband--" well, then--she mustn't.

Therefore, she should work out a compromise with her husband.