Monday, June 20, 2011

Husband wants to get a kitten as a gift for his wife

Dear Dr. Jim

I am considering getting my wife a kitten for our first anniversary.

Do you think this is an appropriate gift? She has been begging for us to get a kitty-cat.

I'd like a Calico Cat but I think she wants a jet black Halloween Scaredy Cat.

Other than for the selection bit I think we will both be happy with this. I might just get one and surprise her.

Thinking I'm a Cat Lover,
Gavin in Piccolos

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Dear Wanna Be Cat Loven' Gavin

Hi Gavin. This is a very appropriate question that I've been asked several times now. My suggestion to you is to give her something that YOU BOTH WANT at the moment. Here, her love for animals (I assume you are certain she wants a kitty cat) may not last for your entire marriage.

I do hope that you can find a nice cat and that your bride will love it dearly. I hope she still loves you dearly too. Caveat here, do this before the honeymoon is over! Your timing is perfect!

On the selection, I'd give her a gift certificate for the amount of a cat and care items from a reputable pet store. If you might find another source, or a free cat, you can always use the gift certificate for food and supplies for a year or so.

Remember, "Free cats don't stay free for very long." That is my rule, as you will have bigger vet and food bills than the cost of a cat in a very short while.

We've been married for 38 years now. Mrs. Jim's Rule # 109:
If it dies or leaves home it won't be replaced and it can't come back. THAT INCLUDES ME!

Does her rule work? Since she made it a dog and a cat have died and weren't replaced. We gave the goldfish away and it cant' come back and won't be replaced.
Since her rule went into effect the only new (to us) animals are:
1) Adi, our beagle--she was our daughter's dog and her new apartment wouldn't let her have beagles;
2) Katrin, our toy poodle--she was willed to us by a dying friend. The friend actually changed her will to say this. With big tears, she asked Mrs. Jim, "You won't give Katrin away, will you?" We've had one real good chance to give Katrin away to one of our kids but Mrs. Jim remembered her promise(s).
3) Amber, our cat--she was our daughter's cat but was too old to move with them to London.
4) Every one of the kids has stayed with us for from two weeks to six month's. Our favorite plea was "Don't worry about where I will live. I can sleep in my car." He only stayed about a month.

About caring for your new cat:

If she hasn't had a kitten before and especially if neighbor of you have, I would suggest a book, Kittens for Dummies, to help you guys with day-to-day care and loving tips. Right now it is selling for $11.55 at (link).

We use 'clumping' kitty litter and really like it. All the pee collects into a lump about the size of a fritter. Cleaning the box is so easy then, just use a filter-bottomed little sand shovel and lift them out along with the poops.

I hope this helps you a lot,
Dr. Jim

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Putz said...

our cat was shot by a neighbor with a arrow, and so we do not take care of kitties anymore

Ray said...

No better present. She wants it, it'll be low maintenance, and it'll meet those mothering needs women have. And better that she mother the cat than henpeck her husband.

rhymeswithplague said...

I wish you hadn't said "about the size of a fritter"....

rhymeswithplague said...

I wish you hadn't said, "about the size of a fritter"...