Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Her feet hurt when wearing shoes

Dear Dr. Jim

I'm writing this in hopes that you can help me out. 

My feet are killing me!  Seems none of the shoes I ever can buy really fit me.  At least that is what my son tells me.

What can I do with this if the shoes don't seem to be helping my feet?

Ms. Tenderfoot in Basking Land

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Dear Ms. Tenderfoot

Your shoe story is great!  My uncle used to say that 'if the shoe didn't fit then don't wear it.'  That is the gist of your problem, I like that you've figured that much out!  Beware of your son's not-so-helpful advice.

My foot doctor has me wear athletic shoes all the time with an arch support, the green generic kind that sporting goods stores sell.  Mine are NIKE runing shoes.  My church and dress shoes are a pair of black walking shoes also fitted with arch supports.

Without the arch supports my feet get to hurting pretty fast.  You might like to try that with the arch supports.

Hope this helps, Dr. Jim

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Putz said...

5 my my my my><<><,.feet always hurt, shoes make them worse so in my own yard and home i am always barefoot<>><>,.there is a song about that