Friday, June 22, 2012

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Dear Dr. Jim
I am having a BIG problem. When I peel boiled eggs big hunks of the whites come off with the shells. Obviously if I peel them I want the resulting bare egg to look nice. This doesn't happen and I wind up with ugly deviled eggs.
If you could help me I would really appreciate it. People tease me when I bring a dish having hard boiled eggs to church.
I'm watching for your answer,
Boiled Billie of Baxter, Wyoming
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Dear B'd Billie 
Mrs. Jim was having this problem just a few days ago. Here is our account: 
"Mrs. Jim asked my why her four hard boiled eggs weren't peeling good when the rest of them all peeled so good two days before.
Jim to the resuce. "They are cold, sweetheart. Warm the shells and they will peel fine."
No sooner said than done. Voilà!—problem solved (pronounced "vwallah"). She ran the other three eggs in their shells under our hot water faucet and they all peeled fine.
Was this a coincidence? Try it yourself next time you are having trouble. Warm eggs just peel easier than cold ones, take it from Dr. Jim."
So what do you say?

Hope this helps, Dr. Jim

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Cathy said...

I always wanted to know this. Will try it next time.

Jacqueline said...

Saw your response on Pondside about Facebook and how people reveal too much. A little FYI that people should probably know - colleges are now looking at people's Facebook pages to see what they have on there and decisions for admissions are being affected by it! I want to pass that on to my kids.

Jim said...

That's right, Jacqueline ~~ Good advice. They don't realize either, that companies find them on FaceBook when they are looking for a job. I don't know but what even after they get the job they peek in?

Thank you for your peeking in on me here and for this nice comment

Putz said...

revea;ling tooo much i would like to say that an egg has 200 colestrial caloric pts to it andf that those ugly deviled eggs shoould be disgarded<><>what can they do to me jim, i am toooo old to work and my church has pretty well written me off so what i say here to you even if horrible is not of worthy note

Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Mr. Jim. You have given good advice. One more tidbit is to not use extremely fresh eggs when hard boiling. The shells will stick horribly .. even when peeled warm. BTW .. we call our's 'Angel' eggs ;)

Haddock said...

One option (for the boiled eggs) is to roll them on a hard surface with your palm so that the shell cracks into smaller pieces and then its easier for you to peel.

☆•.¸.Mildred.¸.•☆ said...

Nice! Thanks for the good advice!
Thanks for sharing;o)
But what about when they are still hot after having boiled. Must we wait till they are completely cold and then warming them again?

Have a nice weekend****

Jim said...

Yes, Mildred. The eggs. Do not let them cool completely. You can cool them down some. I drain the eggs and then add cool water to the hot eggs in the pan. That cools them enough to handle. But do it (peel) fairly fast before too much cooling takes place for easier peeling.

Thank you for peeking on my Ask Dr. Jim (blog) blog.
À bientôt,

Putz said...

what a silly problem

Jim said...

Well, Mr. Putz, I won't say that. To the ladies and also to the men who cook and want a pretty food presentation THIS IS BIG PROBLEM.

Ask your wife.
I appreciate your peeking in on me and for leaving your comment.

It has been a long time since you visited. Thank you.