Saturday, July 2, 2016

Lady has concern for the way men are looking

Dear Dr. Jim

I am concerned for the men in the The Millennials - Gen Next and of the upcoming Generation Z as to the way they wear their pants.  The picture I am sending you shows what I think they should be looking like.
Please help me out with this,
 Concerned Pristina in Old Waveyland   
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Dear Pristina
Your parents aptly named you.  Only one better that I can think of would be Victoria.  Are you British? 
After looking again at your picture and the type of men you portray, it seems that you could fit into their world very nicely.  Its source is  obviously a red neck country magazine, I change my mind.  It should be Minnie Mae.
I have counseled with women on many occasions, even speaking on the subject at times.  Here is my stock "short" answer to your concern:
"Since there aren't any men taking issue here, I will speak on "baggy" pants for men.
Most women are envious of the men's 'tight and muscular' butt, still enjoy looking to their heart's content.
Most men like freedom, freedom from tight and binding pants. "Baggy" is the ultimate in freedom. We dress for the moment."
I feel that you have more interest in your basal desires than for the comfort of men.  If you could overcome this you would be a lot closer to becoming a women who "fits into society."
Hope this helps ~~ Thanks as always for asking, Dr. Jim

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