Thursday, August 21, 2008

Learning how to ride a bicycle

Dear Dr. Jim

This is almost embarrassing, but here goes with my problem!

I am a grown lady, somewhere between ages 35 and 70. Doggone it all to Heck, but I have forgotten how to ride a bicycle. My grandkids want me to ride with them and I just plain have forgotten how.

Can you give me help on learning how to ride a bicycle, please!

Very frustrated Little Biker-chick Lady

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Dear L' Biker-chick Lady

This is certainly exceedingly bad, especially in your case with the grandkids.

I hope this will help you some, let's think about a few ways for you to relearn this precious skill.

How old are your grandkids? I ask because if they are almost teenagers or older they very well may have taught some younger one how to ride. Of course if they don't know of your dilemma this would be embarrassing for you to ask.

When in doubt, it is always a safe bet to ask your preacher if you have one. I DID DETECT SOME ALMOST CUSSING IN YOUR LETTER, this may not be an option for you. Those guys are asked to help all the time in ways you could not even imagine. And if they themselves haven't taught riding, they can find another clergy who could.

Go to the library and check out a book on Learning to Ride a Bicycle. THE LATE BLOOMER’S REVOLUTION: A MEMOIR, By Amy Cohen, Hyperion, 288 pages, $23.95 is great. Try or your favorite bookseller if you want to buy it. Read a review here. See, you aren't alone in this predicament.

Here is a device to help you learn. (link to video) You install it on your bike's front wheels. Made mostly to help teach kids but it works for all, it sells for about $39.95.

I have probably given you something helpful here. Generally it comes naturally after you learn--and instinct takes over really soon--to turn into the way the bike wants to tip.

Have your bandaids and Iodine ready. Bye for now, your frustrations will soon be over.

Please give me some feed back on this,

Dr. Jim

So, keep on keep'n on, and till then,
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Putz said...

so what are you 35 or 70????

Putz said...

mount the vidio, how to ride a bike for late bloomers on the fron't of the bike so when you run into someone, you can say it was because you were reading the material...also on a sad not my mental son keeps running into things with his many accidents, so little time, you have heard of so many men so little time haven't you???????

L' Biker-chick Lady said...

Oh, Dr. Jim, thank you, thank you! Thank you soooooo very much.
I am enjoying almost every day a nice bicycle ride with my grandkids.

And now I read this blog (why don't you post more often) and your other blog. You reminded my in today's blog to write you thanks.