Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A quarterly or so check-up on who is asking or reading what

Dear Dr. Jim

Just was wonderin', does anybody read your help blog and what postings do they used the most?

Curious Georgette (again)

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Dear C.G.

Yes, and I'm glad you asked that question.

The Ask Dr. Jim (blog) is getting about twelve hits or clicks a day, either by direct link or favorite or via Google. This one is the least of my three active blogs but I am quite satisfied with it.

About each time a new topic is added it gains one or two clicks a day. So keep on asking questions.

You might like the following rundown the numbers on the left are click per 100 clicks. You can see that most, a readership of about 23%, or a quarter of you, go directly to the site's front or latest feature.

23 http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com/
12 http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com...lley-bearings-stupid-wife.html
9 http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com...ow-with-aging-still-young.html
9 http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com...-go-anyplace-anymore-says.html
8 http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com...uthern-gentlemen-man-from.html
7 http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com...es-on-furniture-reader-is.html
6 http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com...-leads-to-marriage-wishes.html
4 http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com/2008/03/dear-dr.html
3 http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com...na-dig-hole-to-china-just.html
2 http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com...ve-1987-chevy-pickup-with.html
2 http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com.../is-his-wife-always-right.html
2 http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com...igers-eat-and-kill-why-do.html
2 http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com...ife-left-what-can-he-have.html
2 http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com...as-uncontrolled-blog-rage.html
2 http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com...aughter-distraught-father.html
1 unknown
1 file:///C:/Documents and Setti...g Is his wife always right.htm
1 http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com
1 http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com/2007/12/dear-dr_09.html
1 http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com...did-this-dumb-guy-come-to.html
1 http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com...hocolate-cake-la-snickers.html
1 http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com...rson-la-firebug-wishes-he.html

I was surprised that so many would be looking at the car question about idler bearing pulleys.

Readers can click on any link to see what question about a given popular topic is all about.

I hope this helps, reader feedback is encouraged, put it on the question posting if you wish to remain confidential.

I would also hope a new question would be triggered by some when these postings are read by the readers. Please feel free to "ask Dr. Jim" and new questions you may wish to see how I answer them.

Dr. Jim

So, keep on keep'n on, and till then,
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Putz said...

i come here to get advice and only lurk at jim's other blogs,, i feel more comfortabe here for some strange reasons....

Jim said...

Thank You, Mr. Putz. I appreciate that a lot. :-)
I enjoy reading your blog, I wish other readers would tell me about their blogs.
Oh yes, Donna has a nice blog. Thank you Donna for sharing it with us.

Putz said...

i'm glad he asked that question too, since jim is around with all the answers