Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Busted flat and slipping in Beverly Hills

Dear Jim

I have a 1987 Chevy Pickup with a problem. The motor revs up too fast while going up hills or starting out. It has the feeling that the tires are slipping but they in fact aren't. The dealer wants to install a newly rebuilt transmission for about $4800. What do you suggest?

I might add my pickup is a faithful workhorse with only 300,801 miles on it.

Frustrated G.K. in Beverly Hills

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Ok, G.K, this is a dilemma which could end up as a no-win spending spree.

I researched the value of your truck and found it to be about $1475. (see Note 1) It would seem fool-hardy to spend much more than that to keep your truck going good.

I would recommend for you to do these steps in the following order if you want to keep this truck. If and when the problem is corrected consider yourself lucky and stop.

Buy a can of Heavy Duty Transmission Gunk and put the whole can in. Not really the can, just all of the contents.

Change out all the transmission fluid and the filter.

Buy and install a used ($130), rebuilt ($275), or new ($640) torque converter.

Buy and install a junk yard transmission, complete with torque converter. Be sure to change out the fluid and filter. I have located one in nearby Culver City for $300. E-mail me again and I will give you their phone number and referral info to get it for this price.

Buy a newer used pickup. Check the Kelley Blue Book (see Note 2) for an estimate on prices. Avoid buying on eBay unless you can inspect the vehicle before you buy it.

√√√ To solve your problems fast, I would recommend getting the used transmission. My backyard mechanic will change it out in your driveway for $180 cash.

Remember the old adage, "Treat Your Baby Like A Royalty." (see Note 3)

1. Kelley Blue Book - Private Party Pricing Report (
2. Kelley Blue Book -- Used Cars for Sale (link)
3. ... Treat Your Baby Like A Royalty (link)

So, keep on keep'n on, and till then,
"Please ask your question or leave your comment now!"

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Jamie Dawn said...

All this car talk makes me feels greasy.
Working on cars would mess up my nails.
Also, grease would not come out of my clothes very well.