Thursday, December 27, 2007

Reader wants his second cup of coffee in the morning taste as good as the first one

Dear Dr. Jim

Why doesn't the second cup of coffee in the morning taste as good as the first one?

I've always wanted to know the answer to that question.

Ed, Morning Coffee Lover in Minneapolis

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Well, Ed, you have asked the 6.2 billion dollar question! And you came to the right place!

That is how much researchers spent last year trying to answer that for the coffee marketeers. My own research on this situation shows that you are not alone in wanting better (Google search).

A lot of these drinkers suggest a burned taste in their second cup. Some even make it one cup at a time, they say the second still is not so good.

What do I think? I hate to pin myself down, but I believe it is a fact of life that must be accounted for, one must develop a work-around solution.

So. Either for my second or third cup of coffee in the morning, I have something sweet to eat along with my not so tasty coffee.

That might be why some load up with cream and sugar in their coffee. Not for my coffee. How about you, dear readers?

I like the old saying,
"I like her bitter as I can git 'er,"
along with a piece of pie.

So, keep on keep'n on, and till then,
"Please ask your question or leave your comment now!"
(Just ask me and you will remain anonymous)

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ray said...

The first cup satisfies one's hunger to a degree. So the second cup can't be as satisfying because
one isn't as hungry--satiation,in part, has occured with the first cup.

Like the proverb says: "To the hungry, every bitter thing tastes sweet."