Sunday, December 9, 2007

Wife wants to eat out all the time, at expensive exotic places

Dear Dr. Jim

My wife is an excellent cook. The problem is that she likes to eat out at expensive restaurants. She tells me that things have grown stale with her cooking and she is looking for new dishes at these exotic places.

I'm at my wit's end with her, my pocketbook is too. What do you recommend I do about this situation?

Kyle, eating out and liking less in Philly

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Well, Kyle, you have a dilemma here which is fixable. You know, us guys like to fix things.

First let's discuss the situation. Be glad her 'exotic place' serves meals and that she takes you along. When most women go to 'exotic places' their menfolk aren't invited.

Since 'exotic places' are in her vocabulary, I suspect she goes out in the afternoons quite frequently.

Typical is the 'pressure cooker' joint visit in the middle of the afternoon. These are places to meet, talk, and lineup. Lineup, like line up a hot date with one of the hunks who hand out hang out there.

Then they go home a half hour or so before the old man comes home, stick the pre-cut food goodies in the pressure cooker, and dinner is ready to serve in that half hour. Yours is coming home ready to eat out with you at those wallet busting eateries.

You are fortunate. TAKE AWAY HER ALLOWANCE!!!

This way she won't have money to get into these 'exotic places'. If a 'honey hunk' is paying her way in, she still won't have money to primp and clothe her bod in an enticing way. They will all drop her cold.

Dr. Jim

There is an old adage, keep her barefoot and pregnant, she won't be out running around. That one is pretty risky in today's spouse high flight day and time, I really don't recommend it.

So, keep on keep'n on, and till then,
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ray said...

I guess you're saying to pull money out of the account so she won't spend it on extravagances?

Jim said...

Hello Ray -- Yes that would work for someone who shared an account.
Here, Kyle only gives her an allowance. That makes it easy. This generosity works very well as reward/punishment therapy.