Monday, December 31, 2007

Dig to China? Dig a hole to China? "Just Wondering"

Dear Dr. Jim

Did you ever try to dig a hole to China?

When I was little, my brother told me I could get to China by digging a big, deep hole. I dug a pretty big hole with my little shovel, but after awhile I gave up.

Do you think my brother was just pulling my leg?

Just Wondering

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Dear Just Wondering

Well, it would help if I knew how old you are. By the looks of your handwriting I would say you might be in your later 70s to early 90s.

Your age is very important to me because in the old days people really believed this myth. I do believe this is the case here.

However modern technology has not yet been able to substantiate this old wives tale nor can it really dispute it. Holes have been dug to tremendous depths to no avail. Most of the time the liquid molten earth core is struck resulting in a miniature volcano. Several lives have been lost in this research from these terribly hot substances.

If you can hold on to life for a decade or two I am sure people (not you) can dig their way to China.

Now, would this be a good thing? We are already overburdened with border protection issues and tasks. Imagine if the vast hoard of Chinese people would start swarming to the U.S. We already ship most of our rice to China, they would surely not have enough to eat here with most all our rice being exported. Did you ever try to buy rice in the grocery store? There is a long waiting list at most food suppliers.

National defense would also be a problem. Ever since the Patriot Act was passed, much of the immigration work has been secretly delegated to FEMA. Now they just plain too are overburdened with work. You should try to cash a check an most any bank without divulging your Social Security Number (SSN). Big brother is watching you good, sister!

There is a web site for unbelievers. Try here. Please note that the geometry is incorrect in the model used. It would have you moving to Chile or Timbuktu (map) so you could hit China.

I hope this helped. If not, you pull on his leg for a while.

More Wikipedia information (click) about Timbuktu, including the above map.

So, keep on keep'n on, and till then,
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