Thursday, December 13, 2007

Reader has a a severe case of pessimision in Seattle

Dear Dr. Jim

I feel as if the sky is falling. Nothing I try turns out right. Sometimes it doesn't even pay for me to get out of bed. When my car will start in the morning, it doesn't run good. When I want to eat, all the others have taken the good food.

At night I am so tired I can't do anything but sleep. But if I go to bed, then I can't sleep. My dog and my wife still love me dearly, but they don't seem to be of much encouragement any more.

Please, Dr. Jim, will you help me get a life back again.

Sleepy and sleepless in Seattle

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Please try to keep your chin up, SSS. Yes, I can help. I believe you have a severe case of pessimision (more here).

I have enlisted the assistance of Pessimists Persevering Limited, or PP ltd. They guarantee that you will be cured in three weeks. After that a small amount of therapy may be required monthly.

A month ago I, myself, was not fit to live by. With the help of PP ltd both my pessimision and pessimism are eliminated. Below are the results of my latest test.

If a report like this appeals to you, please contact me by comment mode, leaving your e-mail and phone number. For a modest fee you will be happy again! All information left will remain confidential and will not be posted as a comment here.

You Are an Optimist

You definitely see the sunny side of life, even when things aren't going so great.

And while you may not be a realist, your optimism has really improved your quality of life.

You have the energy to take charge, solve your problems, and enjoy life for what it is.

Optimists are happier and healthier - so keep thinking positive!

Any of the readers please feel free to take this evaluation test. It costs you nothing.

So, keep on keep'n on, and till then,
"Please ask your question or leave your comment now!"
(Just ask me and you will remain anonymous)


sheila said...

As a recovering pessimist, I'd like to testify that your advice will help SSS sleep at night. He won't dwell on the bad, because he will no longer fear it. Then he will go to sleep in peace.

Jim said...

Thank you so much, Sheila, for your testamony concerning my advice. SSS has reported that he IS sleeping better already.

He also retook the Opimtimist/Pessimest test and it reported him much better, though still not completely an optimist.

I believe his pessimision is getting better as he continues his therapy.

Luke, the falt finder said...

I think you misspelled 'pessimist' as 'pessimision.' That makes this answer very confusing.

Jim said...

Well, Luke, the FF. I thought you had gone into hiding and shame!

Nevertheless, readers should be advised of the fairly new psychological syndrome of 'pessimision.'
Pessimision is similar in fact and sympton to pessimism [sic, not pessimist]. Talk to your psychologist for more information on this, please.