Friday, December 21, 2007

Groper in Sumatra needs help with his wife

Dear Dr. Jim

I was happily married until a couple of weeks ago. Now my life is a total H**l.

Mrs. Joe B Haive just mentioned that it must have given Sandrama Lamy a thrill(click this link) to grope Santa. Then I just mentioned that I really liked groping and it was all over.

She wouldn't even listen to reason and I have been banished to the woodshed (or to leave, her choice). I wanted to tell her about the fake blogs at the Groper Blog.

Please help me, Joe B Haive in Sumatra

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Ok, Joe. If you can show her this blog column she will understand, otherwise I hope you have a heater out there in the wood shed. Or a lot of blankets.

Readers (and Mrs. Joe B Haive), there is a blog site like that.

But it is called NewsGroper, not Groper Blog. Click on this to see all the fake blogs. If she doesn't believe you then, pray for a warm winter.

There is a new one about once a week, it seems. My favorite is Al Gore's Blog (link).

Did you know that Al when he was waiting for Pres. Bush to show up for the Nobel Peace Prize photo shoot, he dug around in Bush's desk and found some left over Jolly Ranchers that Bill Clinton used to keep in the top-right-hand drawer?

Al is a hoot on his blog (not), but really the funniest and my favorite is Britney Spears' Blog (link). Everyone should read her side of the stolen lighter episode. She is exonerated if the judge will just read her December 11 post.

I hope this helps you Joe. It will help you for sure, if you can just get your lap top out of the house and into the wood shed.

So, keep on keep'n on, and till then,
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(Just ask me and you will remain anonymous)

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