Thursday, October 16, 2008

How often should he change his underwear (he won't change them)

Dear Dr. Jim

Houston, we have a problem.

My husband won't change his underwear. He says he will change it, when it gets embarrassing sized holes.

For sure I want him to have nice looking underwear, how can I get him to change?

Clean Lady in Utah

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Dear Clean Lady

Oh my goodness, at first I misunderstood you. I thought that hubby was wearing his underwear even when it got dirty until he wore holes in it.

Now I see, you want him to change out his underwear before it gets to looking to bad.

I doubt he has changed his habits much since you married him, so you will just have to live with him the way he is. STOP TRYING TO CHANGE HIM. He won't and he will resent you for working on him like you do.

If you want to blame someone you can blame his mother. He probably never changed his underwear out. Or changed it for clean for that matter. I was that way.

Mom would get my used underwear whether dirty or not each night after I went to bed. She would lay out clean underwear for me to put on the next morning along with my other clean clothes. I just thought that was something moms did.

And she would buy me new underwear before it ever got holes in it. Even when we were dirt poor.

When I left home I remember her telling me to be sure not to wear holey underwear just in case I would get into an accident and have to go to the hospital.

Hospitals seem to like nice looking underwear so I came to understand, and to this day if I am driving I put on good underwear. I wear the holey ones around the house and when doing yard work, etc.

Now for you. Buy him new underwear. My estimate is that it should be changed every year to have it looking nice. Just take his old underwear and put in new.

For years Mrs. Jim did that for me. Until we retired, now it is up to me. I must say I don't always put fresh on each morning and some of them have really bad holes. And that is the price you will keep on paying unless you take matters into your own hands.

I hope this helped.

Dr. Jim

Here are some references for you on changing out underwear, wearing clean underway every day, and holey underwear.

So, keep on keep'n on, and till then,
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Anonymous said...

Ray here.

So make the holes an embarrassing size--tear them bigger.

Putz said...

i will just have to disagree here...the wifey knows what is wife hides things she doesn't want me dvd of silence of the lambs, my shorts[ALL OF THEM]...i never can wear cut offs. ...those lounging pants....she wants me thoughly i say the wife might get yelled at but she will eventually get her way if it is that important to her...but for the life of me i can't see that something so invisable would be that important to her

Putz said...

and i'm from utar like she is

Poetikat said...

Jim, Have you ever just turned them inside out? That works too.

By the by, I think I may be marginally more artistically talented than you, but your self-portrait is cuter!

Thanks for taking the time to read my poetry. You may also enjoy my "Blasts From the Past" blog.
(Oh and please don't forget to "follow").



TorAa said...

Dear Dr Jim,
why do it so complicated?

The best treatment is of course to drive the patients into the desert and give them a bottle of water and some paper - a type of which is not proper to mention officially - I di most people understand - that will take only 2 days or so. And some Fowls would be very exited;))

(in Norway)

btw. Thanks for nive words regarding our grief.

chubskulit said...

Enforcing him to change won't work but she can do it through suggesting in a very loving way like "Honey, I think you look better with this undies" if it dont work then just ditch it hahaha..

loving_life10 said...

I have a problem. My husband will only change his underwear MAYBE 3 times per week. It smells terrible, but I don't want to hurt him because he's very sensitive about that kind of thing. So how can I get him to change them??

Anonymous said...

Tell them you'll rub his belly and give him a smooch every day he wears clean underwear cause he is so sexy in them!