Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Husband doesn't like wife to be out

Dear Dr. Jim

I've been having some problems with my wife. She goes out and I can't even get her to tell me where she has been.

Do you think I can put an electronic tracker on her? The cops do it with parolees.

If I could, where would I buy such a thing?

I thank you in advance, it is getting harder and harder to keep her from getting out again.

Hot Guy from Minnesota

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Well, Mr. Hot Guy. I don't think you're so hot. Not if you are keeping your wife captive.

Forget it, let her go.

I will warn you that if you are found keeping her 'prisoner' in your home you are liable for a long time prison term yourself, IN THE SLAMMER.

I can't help you any further here, it is beyond my ability and competence as an attorney.

But I will tell you this, let her go and see an attorney, FAST.

Dr. Jim

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chubskulit said...

I like your advise hahaha. I think Mr. Hot Guy is trying to keep his wife just for himself... for his eyes only... its not good, it will just bring rebellious to the lady...

By the ay I found your blog to other blogger, i think its carly and I was intrigued by your comment so i dug out your blog hahaha.. Are you really 107? Hmmmmnnn!'

Seeyah again!

chubskulit said...

By the way, i will add you to my list so i can come back again...

Putz said...

you think she is your property...not so myy friend...now i sound like mc cain, my friend....let her fly away if she comes back then treat her like she can fly away at will and you might then develope a relationship

audrey` said...

Hi Dr Jim

Have a blessed day =)

Anonymous said...

Ray here.

If he thinks she's running around on him, the guy could

1. hire a detective.

2. Check her cell phone for incoming and outgoing calls and her address list. Find whose numbers those are. Watch for frequently-called numbers.

3. Bug the home phone.

4. Follow her himself.

Of course, he may drive himself nutty with all this sleuthing. But it sounds like he's going nutty anyway, so what does it matter?