Friday, November 28, 2008

Left over turkey too much for 'gonged' Mississippi cook

Dear Dr. Jim

Oh dear Mr. Jim, I've got a problem. A turkey problem. About 10 turkeys problem, almost.

You see I had invited my family and extended family and some neighbors over for Thanksgiving. I prepared for about 85 guests because that's how many invitations I sent or had called, roughly.

Trouble is that only a dozen came, or so.

Now what do I do with all the turkey I have left over. I made a dozen because my Betty Cr*cker recipe said 'one turkey for every seven eaters'. So I made a dozen of those birds. That is how I figure there are ten left as those twelve who came probably ate about two if Betty Cr*cker was right, or nearly right.

So Dr. Jim, I need your help with disposing of all these turkeys, literally as food you see.

Gonged in Mississippi

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Dear Gonged

Well, I hope you didn't get 'gonged', in actuality.

First of all, if you didn't stick them in the fridge within a half hour after the meal, THROW THEM ALL AWAY! Turkeys are one of the fastest spoiling foods known.

Now, if you still have them and didn't throw them out because they weren't refrigerated then you should freeze all but a half of one for the time being.

If you can do that, eat the half one as leftovers and save the rest for Christmas.

With the half one, I would suggest turkey sandwiches, turkey tacos, turkey tarts with blue cheese, turkey pizza, turkey soup, turkey casserole, turkey hamburger, turkey BLT, etc. I do not like leftover turkey except for the first day when I will eat a turkey breast sandwich with mayo and lettuce.

I will eat turkey noodle soup but only if I make it myself. Use your Betty Cr*cker recipe for that. You will have to substitute turkey meat for the chicken in the chicken noodle soup recipe.

I hope this helps. If your freezer isn't big enough then give one each turkey to your friendly neighbors to keep until you are ready to use/eat it.

Dr. Jim

One more tidbit, like closing the barn door after all the pigs have run out, but I'll tell you anyway. Next time, find out to a person or so who is coming and who won't.

A good rule to go by here is for every four people you invite one will come. That would have given you 21 to come. Your twelve is a little off my rule. You had one to come of every seven you invited.

Invite and ask of them, written in the invitation, to RSVP yes or no. That is what the manners books say to do--it keeps the pigs in the barn.

Dr. Jim

So, keep on keep'n on, and till then,
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Putz said...

do you know thar in ephraim we have a product called nutri mulch made out of turkeys, fertilizer and cola, we put in over the grouynd to grow our tomatoes in the spring...please use your turkeys for this purpose,, jim wouldn't know about this since he is from texas and not from utar

Jim said...

Hey Mr. Putz, that is a waste of good Coke using it for making fertilizer unless a little dab'l do ya.
But then in Texas they sell tomatoes in the grocery stores, organic, field, or garden rippened ones. And for a lot less than I could get a tomato garden going.

Putz said...

the point is jim you have to practice practice when you can'st buy a tomatoe, you will have one in the back yard with coke turkey fertilizer in them