Monday, December 8, 2008

Picky husband won't drink milk past its sell by date

Dear Dr. Jim

This is a small problem to my hubby and probably is small potatoes to you. But to me it supper tubers. Dr. Jim, please Google that (I did it here) for the uninformed.

Our problem doesn't involve potatoes today, it is about milk.

My hubby will not drink mild past its sell by date. I say drink it until it tastes or smells bad. Who is right.

Not so picky Jane in Kansas

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Dear N.S. Picky Jane

I hate to tell you this but there isn't any correct answer or set rule. So you drink the old stuff until it seems bad. Hubby should buy new milk when the old milk reaches the 'sell by date.'

I think my readers might have some stories to tell as to what they do about this.

In fact one lady says the milk is fine even when sour. She puts some vinegar in hers to make it taste like butter milk.

Hope this answer suits you fine,

Dr. Jim

So, keep on keep'n on, and till then,
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Putz said...

you darn betcha jim's readers would have some commetnts on a subject as vital as this...there is no doubt i have an opinion...something this important should be dicussed day and night until all is settled...doctors should be consulted, dentists should be consulted{yes doctors would have an opion on this...i certainly have an idea...merry christmas everyone even if it isn't generically correct to say it that way

rhymeswithplague said...

Putz said a mouthful without ever telling us his opinion on the subject...

The wife is right. If it's not to be *sold* after a certain date it would be still good for a while to drink. It's not a *don't drink after* date, it's a *don't sell after* date. I always smell the milk before I pour it on my cereal. Call me crazy. If it's the slightest bit sour, I don't use it. But why throw away perfectly good milk? Just to be able to spend more of your hard-earned money? The husband is just being paranoid, or obstinate, or something. He won't change his mind even if ten doctors and dentists tell him otherwise....