Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How to make rooster stop crowing in the middle of the night, Mr. Seed needs to know

Dear Dr. Jim

Our neighbors are complaining about our roosters. It seems they don't like the crowing these pets are doing. At least they don't like them to crow in the middle of the night.

Mrs. Seed and I can just sleep right through it and never hear them until they do their 6:30 crows. That is our waking up time. These birds are within a couple of minutes of 6:30 every morning so that is good for us.

The problem here is that we can't teach these birds when to crow and when not to. Roosters are wild in nature and they will crow when they like to crow. I told the neighbor that but he just got more angry.

Please help us with a solution Dr. Jim, you are my last straw.

Hay Seed in Arkansas

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Dear Mr. Seed

I do have some news for you. Good news. Those chickens can be taught.

It would be best for you if you did that because the neighbors told me when I contacted them that they are just about to call the city zoning commission about these problems your roosters are causing.

I have done some research on the matter, it seems that lowering the roof of their cages so they can not hold their heads up high is the best. You will have to buy an alarm clock as the roof will not get any taller at 6:30 than it was at 5:30.

I also found out that roosters crow at lights, the sun in the morning, other lights at night. Before you lower the ceiling try completely darkening their cage at nighttime.

Other suggestions on how to stop them from crowing ranged from using shotguns to eating them.

My idea is like that of training dogs and cats. You should buy a cot and sleep in the chicken pen. Whenever a rooster begins to crow in the middle of the night, tell it to be quiet. You could even throw a shoe. Then leave at 6:30. If the rooster crows when you are gone, then you are on to something. Gradually the roosters will learn not to crow at the times you have stopped them.

This should have helped, I surely hope so. It could be some of the readers can help you some as well. Best wishes on the roosters.

Dr. Jim

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Putz said...

jim, as far as i know you are our only blog administrator and yopu ripped out a comment by a person as far as we know had the perfect i can only offer some second rate advice in lieu of what we are MISSSING....of course roosters are wild and so you need to live by wild neighbors to go with the wild jim move here to utar, we have neighbors, mostly farmers to match the roosters and you will be comesedic...or however you say it...any way all is well, except when you have dogs at large and then that is a frog of a completely different color

ray said...

Boy! Whenever I go on vacation, Dr. Jim, I'm certainly not leaving my roosters with rooster beater, you.

Anonymous said...

thanks Dr, Jim
my neighbor has 16 roosters ten feet from my bedroom window...but he doesnt' care.

Judy SheldonWalker said...

I grew up with roosters and never minded their crowing, but when I moved to NY the roosters in the apartment building were very annoying. Strange place for such a creature!

VintageMichele said...

In the city of Los Angeles, each household may have one rooster as per the city ordinance. The one living next to me isn't going to get "trained," or get a "low cage." I needs whatever the deleted post was.