Thursday, January 29, 2009

Will the grand kids like his singing -- He is apprehensive

Dear Dr. Jim

Gotta tell you a story Dr. Jim.

In my younger years I was always preparing to sing in the hollow of his hand for at least one of my three sons and two daughters prior to there leaving on LDS missions.

Well one by one each one of them declined my invitation to sing. They are all grown but now I have seven grands probably to turn me down to sing at their farewells one by one.

The first leaves in Ten years, how do I get one of them to let me sing????

Please help here, Dr. Jim.

Worried in the Free U.S.A, Anon

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Dear Anon

This is a good question. A lot of people have similar situations, perhaps not in their singing but in other areas where their children and grand kids lose appreciation for their elders.

Just get another grand kid and catch him/her very young. Probably they don't realize anything is wrong until they age a little and get more experienced with singin'.

Other than that, there is no hope. My relatives, young and old have no love for my singing. They even all laugh when I sing the 'Happy Birthday Song" to them.

I might add this bit, just smile like I do and they will love you for what you are and how you try (yes, your singing as well).

Hope this helps, Dr. Jim

P.S. Mr. Anon, if you meant to not have this posted here please let me know, use the confidential comment link below. And if you did not, please forgive me. Dr. Jim

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ray said...

Simple. Pay them.

Putz said...

i feel strangely close to this problem...somewhat like dejavou...i can't put my finger on why that is..since i feel close to the problem my advice might be paarticluarly valid...take singing lessons and get barbara striesand to sing a duet with me and have elton john as a accompanionist