Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ask Dr. Jim (blog) Favorites, a Top Ten List -- Please vote for yours!

Dear Dr. Jim

I really like your advice column [sic] blog. We talk about it a lot at work around the water cooler and at home over the supper table.

What are your most popular questions asked so far? Since I am a reporter people think I should know that. I would like to know for myself also.

Nosey Newspaper Reporter in Sacramento, Bob

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Dear Bob

Thanks, a lot of people ask me that. Here is the skinny for the week as of today:

No. 1A: Just plain coming to Ask Dr. Jim (blog) without asking a question or seeking a title. These came to read and keep current with the column blog.

No. 1: Sue just wants to be hairy (armpits) -- Husband opposed (link)

No. 2: Her cat pees on the furniture -- reader is "annoyed" (link)

No. 3: "My wife is always late" says husband, "we need to know how to stop being late" (link)

No. 4: How often should he change his underwear (he won't change them) (link)

No. 5: Is his wife always right? (link)

No. 6: Why do Tigers eat and kill? Why do rabbits run? Kate wants a tiger and a rabbit for pets -- they won't cooperate, she knows! (link)

No. 7: Car's idler pulley bearings -- Stupid wife, ignorant husband, have argument about theirs (link)

No. 8: Do earlobes grow with aging? Still young reader is getting worried (link)

No. 9: Recipe for chocolate cake à la Snickers help needed by Ms. Reader in Farawayland (link)

No. 10: How to make rooster stop crowing in the middle of the night, Mr. Seed needs to know (link)

No. 11: Picky husband won't drink milk past its sell by date (link)

There you have it. This list was compiled by counting hits on the entry pages. You can vote for your favorites too, please read the bottom line here.

I threw in an extra, sorta' like a baker's dozen just in case someone doesn't like one of the first ten.

Usually No. 8, about ladies' earlobes growing, is around the top three. Do you think everyone knows this already so we are cutting back on the Googling for this.

Or we might blame it on the economy, people are just plain satisfied with what they have and don't want to spend money on their ears.

I hope this helps,

Dr. Jim

One last item. I would appreciate readers voting (by leaving your comments) on their favorites. I will tabulate this for you in a comment later on.

So, keep on keep'n on, and till then,
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Regina Marie said...

Oh No...
I remember once in my late teens when it became cool not to shave. I decided to let the hair grow out on my legs! Big mistake! I can remember sitting by a beach with a couple friends and some guy (I hadn't known personally) brushed his hand over my kneecap and says "nice fur". To say the was the end of a very short lived phase. Having said that- an important thing to consider...once you shave your legs (I guess arm pits are the same??) it grows back several times the amount! Ok ok, duh!! At least I kept mine below the knee!! Nice..uh interesting advice Jim!

Putz said...


ray said...

The lady who dated a man that hadn't called her in a long while.